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Capital for Diverse Suppliers

Cameron & Associates 8






Impact Highlights

  • Offering drone services supports improvement of existing aging infrastructure for hospitals, schools, and buildings, leading to downstream benefits for city-dwellers.

  • Becoming one of the first minority-owned and woman-owned businesses to offer drone services in Philadelphia.

  • Increases opportunities for additional contracting with larger corporations.

  • Encourages company growth with creation of 3 new positions: 1 internal IT professional and 2 drone service operators.

About the Business

Cameron & Associates 8 is a Philadelphia-based full-service construction firm. The certified woman-owned and BIPOC-owned firm is an authorized dealer for plumbing, roofing, electrical and other construction equipment, and supplies. Cameron 8 also has a professional and development services arm to help clients implement Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (“DEI”) strategies. The Company has expanded to serve most of Pennsylvania and has recently expanded to North Carolina. In 2022, the Eastern Minority Supplier Diversity Council named Cameron 8 the Supplier of the Year.

About the Sponsor

CEO and founder Patricia Thomas-LaRoche created Cameron 8 in 2015 out of her lifelong passion for project management and development and a deep-rooted desire to build a diverse-owned business that could champion equity and inclusivity across construction projects.

Deal Overview

The JPMC-LISC Diverse Suppliers Program provided Cameron 8 with a growth capital investment for working on launching a new drone services revenue stream. The funds helped Cameron 8 with acquiring customized drone services software, cybersecurity tools, and cyber insurance in order to operate more efficiently and qualify for contracting opportunities with companies that require greater cybersecurity compliance requirements.

*All information above as of February 2023

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