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Uniquely positioned to lead investment in OZs, LISC catalyzes opportunities to maximize community impact and financial returns for investors.



in OZ capacity building in 6 cities in 2019



LISC direct investment leading to 400+ quality jobs



In now-designated OZs since 2008


Economically-distressed communities in more than 8,700 census tracts across the U.S. were designated as opportunity zones. The OZ incentive is designed to spur economic development and job creation in these communities by providing tax breaks for reinvested capital gains.


Without sufficient guidelines and requirements regarding impactful outcomes, some worry positive and inclusive community growth may not occur. Communities and those investing in them must be thoughtful and intentional in the pursuit of creating an equitable opportunity for all participants and residents.


One of the easiest ways to utilize OZ capital in a way that supports underinvested communities is to invest in workforce housing. We have been doing just that.


We work with prominent foundations and investors creatively use of OZ capital to advance investment opportunities for local individuals and companies within these communities.  We also combine sources of capital and layer OZ capital with tax credits to invest in real estate and business opportunities that will make a more significant impact. We are stretching that capital to make it work for our communities.


Since 2008 LISC has invested $2.5 billion and completed 865 deals in 924 areas now designated as opportunity zones. We deploy smart, inclusive, impactful OZ investments that provide a clear advantage for underserved communities to access economic opportunity. 

We Invest In:

  • Commercial and retail real estate development

  • Affordable housing

  • Local businesses and real estate developers

  • Community investment accelerator Grants

Click here to learn more about LISC's overall Opportunity Zone initiatives.


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