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Inclusivity a Top Investing Trend in 2022: Featuring Entrepreneurs of Color Loan Fund

(December 21, 2022) Read the full article by ImpactAlpha.

An article by ImpactAlpha reflects back on 2022 and the rise in the number of investors and fund managers seeking to close the equity gap through innovative fund strategies.

"By expanding the supply – and driving down the cost – of quality healthcare, education, good jobs, affordable housing, clean energy and regenerative agriculture, such strategies can help execute a “soft landing” of fighting inflation without triggering a recession."


An article about LISC Strategic Investment's Entrepreneurs of Color Loan Fund, an impact investing fund designed to support lending to minority entrepreneurs, is featured as one of the funds in 2022 with inclusive theses.

The Entrepreneurs of Color Loan Fund (EOCLF) is a mission-oriented investment fund increasing access to capital for Black, Latinx, and other small business owners by partnering with local Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs). Learn more about EOCLF here.


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