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Increasing Black Home Ownership - Meet Hannibal Square

LISC Strategic Investments' #ThePowerofCapital series proudly presents:

Founded in 2004 in response to concerns regarding gentrification, Hannibal Square Community Land Trust (HSCLT) is an established non-profit community-based corporation developing for sale affordable housing.

"Hannibal won an RFP, not to create affordable housing apartments, but to create a new pathway for building equity through affordable home ownership." - Camille Reynolds Lewis, Executive Director, HSCLT

Led by Camille Reynolds Lewis, HSCLT encourages legacy residents to become homeowners in the historically Black neighborhood of Winter Park, Florida. Homeownership opens opportunities to build generational wealth, tackle racial wealth disparities, and build economic opportunity. Get to know Camille and the story of one former homeowner and current HSCLT board member, Juan Hollingsworth, as they work towards building more pathways to homeownership.

"We hope that this can be the story for many more people in the future as we create more homeownership opportunities." - Juan Hollingsworth, Former Homeowner and Current President

LISC's Black Economic Development Fund is proud to invest and work with Hannibal Square Camille Reynolds Lewis, Jonathan Won Change, and Augustus Moy of Hannibal Point in sourcing this opportunity and deploying capital in the form of a senior construction loan.

LISC Strategic Investments is proud to launch #ThePowerofCapital series to share the impactful stories of individuals and organizations we invest in, and the community they serve.

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