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 Video Stories of Impact

From stories of finding affordable housing to supporting minority-owned businesses, Video Stories of Impact demonstrate the resilience and strength of our borrowers and #thepowerofcapital.

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Introducing the Partnership for the Bay's Future
San Francisco Foundation

Introducing the Partnership for the Bay's Future

[Transcript]: In the last year, we have learned a lot about justice, equity, and the kind of community we want to be. We've also learned a lot about home. It's a place we find stability, safety, and sanctuary. A place to experience joy, to be ourselves, to work hard, recharge, even build community. Home is at the center of the most personal aspects of our lives, and it's where we get the fuel to face the world. Yet residents across the Bay Area struggle every day to find and hold on to their homes. That's why the Partnership for the Bay's Future is committed to making housing accessible to everyone. When housing policy and investment come together, real change can be made. In the last year, the Bay's Future Fund financed seven deals that produced new housing for 492 individuals and families, and financed eight deals that kept housing affordable for more than 460 individuals and families. The Partnership for the Bay's Future also helped preserve housing for dozens of families throughout the Bay Area, with the approval of eighteen accessory dwelling units in six developments. This housing innovation provides affordable housing units on existing properties in high-demand areas. The Partnership also awarded its first round of grants working with more than 50 community organizations to champion equitable housing policies that prevent people from being displaced. We launched the Community Housing Fund that builds houses for those who earn extremely low income and who are disproportionately people of color. In a year with unique challenges...the Partnership worked with allies across various sectors and engaged tens of thousands of community members to raise awareness and support for this work. In the last year alone, the Partnership for the Bay's Future has invested $177 million dollars creating or preserving more than 950 units of housing for families across five counties. The Partnership for the Bay's Future is working to realize the real value of home: Equity, Inclusion, Opportunity. Ensuring everyone has a home has the incredible potential to transform lives, and to realize our full potential. Not just as individuals, but also as a community. Join us as we continue this critical work:


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