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Bridge Financing - Services

Purpose: To provide capital for the acquisition of inventory and the payment of labor used to satisfy a signed contract for services


Types of Services: Construction, Landscaping, Repair, Government Contracting, IT or administrative services, etc.


Geography: National


Term: Up to 2 years


Investment Type: Direct


Loan Amount: Minimum $1,000,000 Maximum $3,000,000

Baked Goods

Bridge Financing - Goods

Purpose: To provide capital for the acquisition of inventory and the payment of labor used to satisfy a signed contract for the delivery of goods


Types of Goods: Food products, furniture and home goods, technology products, etc.


Geography: National


Term: Up to 2 years


Investment Type: Direct


Loan Amount: Minimum $1,000,000 Maximum $3,000,000

This is a summary of some, but not all of the terms and conditions upon which the Black Economic Development Fund would be willing to provide financing. All financing is subject to BEDF underwriting standards and guidelines, internal BEDF credit approval, and availability of funding.



The proceeds are not intended for use as general working capital for the company. The term of the loans will be 5 years or less and the intended use is to provide bridge financing for a specific transaction or contract.


Eligible transactions could include:

  • Contracts for the delivery of finished goods

  • Contracts for the delivery of services with payment upon completion

  • Letters of credit or cash credit requirements connected with the execution of a specific contract


Experience: For-profit operating businesses with more than 10 employees.

  • Business in operation > 4 years

  • The borrower must be a corporate entity

  • No sin businesses

  • Annual revenues >$2,000,000

  • Positive historic financial performance (sales growth, profits)


All products will require full (100%) recourse to the Borrower (corporate entity) and personal guarantees of the business' owners (>20% ownership). Exceptions to guarantees are considered on a case by case basis.

  • Revenue requirements: Loan amount no greater than 25% of actual sales of most recent fiscal year

  • Liquidity: In aggregate, guarantors must demonstrate minimum liquidity equity to 25% of the loan request

  • Credit score: For anyone who owns more than 20% of the company, credit score > 600


Assignment of proceeds from financed contract required.


Corporate balance sheet, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, and cash may also be accepted.


​​The following documents will be requested during the underwriting process. These documents are not required in order to start an application. 

  1. Three years of financial statements for the Sponsor/Borrower/Guarantor, including a statement of financial position, statement of activities, and cash flows.

  2. Internal year-to-date financial statements within 90 days.

  3. Real Estate Owned (REO) Schedule that includes names of properties owned outright or partially owned by the Sponsor/Borrower/Guarantor including occupancy, value, percent ownership, debt outstanding, the interest rate on debt, a maturity date of debt, lender, income, expense, debt service, net income, the status of the property (land, construction, lease-up, stabilized).

  4. Statement of Contingent Liabilities of Sponsor/Borrower/Guarantor.

  5. Proof of Liquidity for Sponsor/Borrower/Guarantor in the form of bank or account statements. Waived if financials are audited.

  6. Credit Report or Credit Report Authorization within 6 months of funding for the Borrower/Sponsor.

  7. Credit references from previous lenders for the Borrower/Sponsor.

Business Required Documentation

The investment pools sponsored by LISC are available only to eligible investors, are offered only pursuant to their official offering documents, and are managed by LISC Fund Management, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LISC.  LISC Fund Management is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).  Registration of an investment adviser with the SEC does not imply any level of skill or training. Please visit the SEC’s website at to see LISC Fund Management’s Form ADV, which contains important disclosures, including further disclosures about material conflicts of interest, risks, and limitations associated with LISC Fund Management.

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