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LISC Strategic Investments abides by the adage “it takes a village”. We welcome partnership with stakeholders from every angle and believe that like-minded mission-focused individuals can always find a way to work together to maximize our impact. None of our work would be possible without support from investors, donors, local municipalities and hard-working developers.

LISC Partner Dupont
LISC Partner Blue Cross Blue Shield
LISC Partner New York State
LISC Partner Ascent
LISC Partner Fifth Third Bank
LISC Partner The Rockefeller Foundation
LISC Partner Charlotte
LISC Partner Menkiti Group
LISC Partner square
LISC Partner Foundation for the Carolinas.png
LISC Partner  partnership for the bay's future
LISC Partner crosland southeast
LISC Partner netflix
LISC Partner ralph c. wilson jr. foundation
LISC Partner detroit housoing for the future fund


Our investors provide the patient, flexible capital necessary to achieve long-term, sustainable change in the communities we serve. Independent investors range from those seeking to provide highly impactful low-cost debt or patient equity to those more interested in impact-market returns.


All investments, large or small, serve the same goal: to promote mission-based investments and improve lives in underserved communities across America.


Philanthropic capital is often the most catalytic ingredient to our funds. We can use this capital to leverage other investors into the fund, decrease the risk to other investor, plant the seeds for future investments, and innovate the mix of products in order to optimize our impact. 


Foundations will play a critical role in solving our country’s toughest challenges and we consider their input and contribution essential to our own efforts.


Each city possesses a unique set of needs and constraints – LISC local office presence enables our organization to nurture long-term relationships with municipal stakeholders which serve us well in implementing program and deploying capital at the local level.


The leadership, guidance and support from mayors and local officials is crucial to the planning and successful implementation of each of our initiatives and funds. 

We work closely with local developers who value input from community stakeholders and integrate those perspectives into the construction or rehabilitation of residential and commercial projects that are essential to community renewal.


These partners are nonprofits or private companies whose specializations include affordable housing, renovation, senior facilities, retail space, and modular homes. LISC aims to create better living options and revitalize communities without displacement.

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