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Director of Fund Design

The Director of Fund Design will support the Senior Director of Fund Design with the Fund Design & Modeling function, which is responsible for initial fund concept design fund modeling, and market testing. The Director will lead external engagements and secure buy-in with stakeholders (investors, municipalities, etc.) to support creating new impact funds.​ The position will support ongoing funds by preparing for fund and model presentations and enhancing the risk, impact, and financial reporting from fund models. This position will ensure the appropriate research and modeling are completed to support the new fund effort with the Fund Design team and work closely with the Fund Development team to coordinate the raising of capital for these new funds.

Director of Impact Reporting & Data Management 

The role of the Director of Impact Reporting and Data Management will support the Fund Performance & Measurement function, which asset manages commercial real estate and small business investments, administers the cash and servicing operations of the funds, and supports financial and impact reporting. The Director will proactively establish and refine policies and procedures that organize the team’s efforts related to collection, data management, and impact reporting ensuring accuracy and efficiency on tasks executed. The position works with Fund Design, Investor Relations, and Marketing to identify impact metrics by fund, and synthesizes impact data from different LISC Fund Management teams to ensure accurate data by each quarter-end.

Investor Relations Analyst

The role of Investor Relations Analyst will support the Fund Development function, which is responsible for maintaining relationships with key stakeholders and raising money from investors for various funds. This position involves preparing presentations and helping pitch investment offerings, participating in client meetings, and coordinating in-person investor conferences. The Analyst provides research, sales and business development support to Senior Director of Business Development. Finally, this position requires a passion for doing hard but rewarding impactful work to improve under-invested communities across this country.

Asset Manager

The role of Asset Manager will support the Fund Performance and Measurement function, which is responsible for managing the performance of existing investments and conduit funds, oversight of financial statements, and impact reporting.​ More specifically, the Asset Manager position will focus on managing the performance of fund investments (projects & borrowers) through the timely collection of financial and impact data and proactive engagement of potential issues preferably well before those issues affect the performance of the fund. The funds invest in business and real estate assets. 

Marketing Operations Analyst

The role of Marketing Operations Analyst will support the Senior Director of Marketing with managing marketing materials, creating social media content, and developing impact stories of borrowers and projects. The Analyst is responsible for maintaining and updating website content and Powerpoint decks, as well as organizing events and conferences. Finally, the Analyst will bring new and innovative ideas for marketing strategies and technologies to showcase the impactful work of supporting under-invested communities across this country.

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