Targeted to respond to Dallas' urgent need for additional affordable housing units, the Dallas Housing Opportunity Fund (DHOF) promotes fair housing by fostering investments that dismantle long-standing patterns of segregated housing. The DHOF leverages municipal funds with private capital to drive much-needed development in Dallas.


The mission-oriented investment fund invests in and alongside local housing developers to create and preserve affordable housing options for residents of the City of Dallas. The fund aims to create or retain housing units for households earning at or below 120% of the area median income of the City of Dallas.



Apartment occupancy rates are at record highs

leaving only 3% vacant in Dallas/Fort Worth 1

Dallas rents have increased
in the past year
2021 to 2022

of Dallas households are cost-burdened, spending more than 30% of income on housing 3


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LISC leads the management of the DHOF in partnership with Dallas-based The Real Estate Council Community Investors (TREC CI). The City of Dallas recently announced a conditional $6 million economic development grant as seed funding in the DHOF. 

George Ashton  Managing Director, LISC Strategic Investments  President, LISC Fund Management

"Improving the mixture of housing in Dallas is ultimately good for employers, who may otherwise struggle to attract workers because of prohibitive housing costs, and good for families, who are searching for quality housing near good jobs and schools.


The City of Dallas will benefit from these positive effects for years to come."

- George Ashton

Managing Director, LISC Strategic Investments

President, LISC Fund Management


If you are interested in investment opportunities with the DHOF, please reach out to us using the contact form on our Collaborate page.

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