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total managed across LISC’s 35 funds,

spanning the entire country.

LISC Strategic Investments and its affiliate, LISC Fund Management, LLC, manages and deploys impact capital into businesses and real estate investments in underinvested communities across the country.


We work with impact-focused investors from corporations to philanthropy to government, helping them to maximize their impact while achieving financial returns.




We leverage our long-standing relationships with banks, corporations, and philanthropic organizations to raise competitively priced debt to enable us to create financial products that incentivize market participants towards activities and decisions that support our collective missions in those communities.


Increasingly we are finding that preferred equity products are excellent tools for creating patient capital that can participate in the upside scenarios for real estate and business investments. Our local office presence specifically enables us to deploy equity products with an increased level of asset management required and customer interactions necessary to create good social and financial outcomes for these investments.


Truly the most patient capital of all is grant capital. Rather than simply granting these dollars away, we promote strategies like recycling the grant capital through recoverable grants or utilizing grant capital as credit enhancements for debt or equity products. Innovative structures that are both patient but fair to both the investor and the investee are easiest to create with grant capital. As a CDFI with a long history in the community development space, LISC is one of the largest recipients of public and private grants in the country.


We are an “Impact First” mission-driven organization with passionate people from the private and public sector. Our investment experts create and deploy innovative products that maximize impact outcomes, minimize risk, and optimize double bottom line returns. 

The investment pools sponsored by LISC are available only to eligible investors, are offered only pursuant to their official offering documents, and are managed by LISC Fund Management, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LISC.  LISC Fund Management is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).  Registration of an investment adviser with the SEC does not imply any level of skill or training. Please visit the SEC’s website at to see LISC Fund Management’s Form ADV, which contains important disclosures, including further disclosures about material conflicts of interest, risks, and limitations associated with LISC Fund Management.

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