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Capital for Diverse Suppliers

Taco Block





About the Business

Taco Block is a fast-growing, mobile food business in Colorado serving a range of clients from weddings and parties to corporations and hospitals. Taco Block features meat and vegetarian tacos, sides, soft drinks, churros with ice cream, and salsa made from scratch.

About the Co-owners

Taco Block’s co-owners, Adrian Bonilla and Brenda Garcia, have over 16 years of experience in the food services industry and have operated food trailers and food kiosks. They moved to the private and corporate event catering business in 2018 which has created a steady revenue stream.

Deal Overview

The Colorado BIPOC Micro Equity Program provided a $200,000 investment which will enable Taco Block to finance two additional food trucks with serve-ready equipment and upgrades/ maintenance of a private commercial kitchen. This capital will enable the sponsor to meet rising customer demand, reduce prep and driving time, and facilitate larger orders. The kitchen also has a patio that Taco Block will operate either as a fast-casual restaurant, drive-through, or private events.

Impact Highlights

  • BIPOC-owned business with BIPOC- head chef

  • Taco Block’s commercial kitchen encouraging business to a moderate-income tract

  • Capital access for a business entity located in a low-income tract

  •  New job creation as the business expands

*Information as of November 2022

*All information above as of March 2023.

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