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Willow Brook Animal Hospital




Acquisition Funding



Impact Highlights

  • Provided capital access for a local Black veterinarian to acquire and own Willow Brook Animal Hospital. Only 2% of veterinarians in the U.S. are black; even less own animal hospitals/ clinics (U.S. Dept. Of Labor Statistics 2017).

  • Generating economic opportunities for diverse community members in a predominantly Black neighborhood.

  • Keeping a local veterinary clinic of historical relevance privately owned.

  • Improving the wellbeing and health of residents with companion animals.

About the Building/ Project

Willow Brook Animal Hospital is a pet clinic that has been providing DeSoto Texas with veterinary services for more than 20 years. Willow Brook currently has 4,000+ active clients and is growing steadily. The clinic’s services include a wide range of preventative, diagnostic, surgery and emergency.

About the Owners

Barfield Properties, LLC is led by licensed veterinarian Dr. Maya A. Barfield, and husband Adrian Barfield, who leads business operations. Dr. Maya A. Barfield is the lead veterinarian at Willow Brook Animal Hospital and has worked at the clinic for over 10 years. Dr. Maya Barfield is a graduate of Tuskeegee College of Veterinary Medicine and received her undergraduate from Purdue University.

Deal Overview

The Black Economic Development Fund (BEDF) provided two acquisition loans totaling $1.1 million to acquire an existing veterinary practice, Willow Brook Animal Hospital, and the 4,500 sq. Foot commercial building that it occupies in DeSoto, Texas. The acquisition will include all assets; including commercial property, supplies, business operations and existing network.

*All information above as of March 2023.

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