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Minnesota Housing Opportunity Fund

About the Minnesota Housing Opportunity Fund (MHOF)

In response to the housing challenge facing Minnesotans and the urgent need for interventions that can have positive outcomes on the target communities, LISC Twin Cities and Aeon have proposed the Minnesota Housing Opportunity Fund.

The Minnesota Housing Opportunity Fund (MHOF) is a mission-driven private investment fund committed to increasing the availability of and access to quality affordable housing in urban and suburban areas of opportunity within the state of Minnesota. The MHOF expects to pool $100-200 million of both public and private capital in support of producing and preserving deeply affordable housing to serve Minnesotans with special needs and those whose incomes are 30-80% of local area AMIs. The MHOF will be managed by LISC Fund Management, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor. 


Preserve and Create Affordable Housing

Support Emerging Developers


Enable Timely Access to Capital




 The MHOF is managed by Local Initiatives Support Corporation’s (LISC) Fund Management in partnership with LISC Twin Cities and LISC Duluth.

George Ashton  Managing Director, LISC Strategic Investments  President, LISC Fund Management

The primary missions of the MHOF are to

  • Increase the supply of deeply affordable homes for low-income individuals

  • Prevent homelessness for special needs Minnesotans

  • Finance housing that utilizes sustainable infrastructure solutions that combat climate change

  • Reduce the burden on the healthcare system through high-quality affordable housing solutions

  • Engage emerging developers to increase racial equity in the real estate industry

  • Facilitate improving the homeownership rates for BIPOC homeowners


If you are interested in investment opportunities with the MHOF, please reach out to us using the contact form on our Collaborate page.


Apartment Building

69% of newly constructed rental units in the last five years are not affordable to low-income renters (those with incomes at or below 80% of AMI).

The investment pools sponsored by LISC are available only to eligible investors, are offered only pursuant to their official offering documents, and are managed by LISC Fund Management (LFM), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LISC.  LFM is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).  Registration of an investment adviser with the SEC does not imply any level of skill or training. Please visit the SEC’s website at to see LFM’s Form ADV, which contains important disclosures, including further disclosures about material conflicts of interest, risks, and limitations associated with LISC Fund Management. Click here to read LFM's full disclaimer.

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