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Community leaders come together to support the Dallas Housing Opportunity Fund (DHOF)

(12/1/22) Read the full article in the Dallas Morning News by Leah Walters here.

Regional leaders in affordable housing and community development came together in Dallas on Wednesday, November 30th, to celebrate the $10 million investment from Truist Bank. Thanks to Truist Financial Corp., the Dallas Housing Opportunity Fund will be able to execute more projects to tackle the affordable housing crisis in Dallas.

Bill Rogers, Truist chairman and CEO, explained his company’s latest investment is aligned with its commitment to community investment and revitalization. “Affordable housing is one of those public-private partnerships that really works in America,” Rogers said. “I think it’s an incredible opportunity that we’ve got in front of us.”

“What we don’t want is a city comprised solely of high-priced condos and investment properties. We don’t want a city where teachers, policemen, restaurant workers and other service providers have to live in the next town over.” George Ashton, President of LFM explained. “What we do want is mixed-income communities where families can live and play and be educated close to where they work, where economic opportunity is spread more equitably across the city, and the opportunity to succeed is based not on where you’re born, but on your discipline and desire.”

The DHOF, managed by LFM, is designed to create more affordable units in high opportunity areas in Dallas for households earning at or below 120% of the area median income, or AMI.

Learn more about the Dallas Housing Opportunity Fund here.


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