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Resource: Top 25 Conversations of 2021: Themes and Messages to Guide Us in 2022 and Beyond - SOCAP

Inclusion, Climate Justice, and How the Impact Investing Community Can Make Meaningful Progress

SOCAP Global, January 19, 2022

Driven by the global pandemic and social and racial justice movements, 2020 and 2021 brought surges in impact investing and interest in the impact economy. We saw an acceleration and amplification of many of the challenges facing our society, which led to a push for more purposeful investments, primarily driven by younger generations and women.

The past two years have also forced many of us to slow down in our personal lives, providing a moment to reflect, reimagine, and redesign what a just and inclusive future looks like.

How are the SOCAP community and impact industry radically collaborating to rise to the massive challenges facing societies? And how are we holding ourselves and each other accountable to contribute to the future we all aspire to? And are we making progress to that end?


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